Quantity Surveying & Cost Management

Our quantity surveying and cost management service covers from inception to completion encompass:-

  • Initial budget estimating to assess the feasibility of design proposals
  • Comparative cost advice on alternative designs, materials, systems and methods
  • Detailed cost planning and monitoring to ensure that designs are developed within the approved budget
  • Value engineering of design options to maximize value for money
  • Advice on appropriate contract packaging, tendering procedures and procurement options
  • Management of the selected procurement route
  • Tender documentation and management to select a suitable contractor
  • Contract documentation
  • Post contract financial management including administrative procedures, progress payment valuations, regular reporting on forecast of expenditure, variations and final cost, and agreement of final account

Project Management Support Services

We provide cost management support under project management service for development projects. Our service is client-focused and covers the planning, organization, implementation and control of all resources to achieve the client’s defined objectives from inception to completion.

Over the years, we have developed and refined our skills in the provision of project management support services. This includes:-

  • Assist in developing and managing Project Brief and Feasibility Study
  • Assist in structuring and managing Project Teams – Management, Consultants &Staffs
  • Assist in formulating and managing Project Control System, Time and Programme
  • Estimating and managing Budget and Cost
  • Understanding and managing Risk and Flexibility
  • Arranging and managing Procurement Strategy and Construction

Design & Build Management Services

Our Design & Build management service includes assisting in the design brief development for incorporation into the Employer's Requirements, evaluation of the Contractor's Proposals to select a suitable contractor, receiving or issuing instructions, notices, applications, or statements pursuant to the conditions of contract, liaising and coordinating with the appointed design consultants in defects management.

The scope of deliveries may include the following:-

  • Preparing Employer’s Requirements
  • Recommending suitable contract forms
  • Preparing tender Analysis and Report
  • Contract Documentation
  • Post-Contract administration


Design & Build Management for clients who are contractors includes assisting in the interpretation of the Employer's Requirements, liaising and coordinating with the design consultants in compiling the Contractor's Proposals including computation of tender price; and advice on all related contractual matters.

The scope of deliveries may include the following:-

  • Preparing Contractor’s Proposal
  • Interpreting contractual terms and conditions
  • Preparing Tender Sum Analysis
  • Bid negotiation
  • Post-Contract administration

Investment Appraisals & Feasibility Studies

Clients are increasingly aware of the importance of evaluating the feasibility of a project financially to decide whether it is worth pursuing as an investment proposition. Working in conjunction with the Client and its advisors, we carry out Investment appraisals, land acquisition and cash flow studies to generate scenarios on the viability of the project and estimate the potential returns.

Investment appraisals and feasibility studies are not only useful to potential investors and developers but also banks and other financial institutions as part of the risk assessment for granting of bank facilities to avoid non-performing loan.

Loan Monitoring & Cost Audits

We carry out Loan Monitoring for banks and financial institutions, covering the following aspects:

Project Progress and Cost Audits - This involves an independent assessment of:

  • Project status in terms of the value of work done
  • Financial position of the construction project where the value of work executed is compared to the loan drawn-downs to-date
  • Audit on the cost required to complete the project
  • Viability appraisal of the anticipated total construction cost and proposed bank loan commitment and payback period

Draw-down Certifications. It is important that project loans are effectively channeled to the projects under consideration. All purchase moneys received should be offset against the loan pay-outs and not used on other non-performing projects. We provide draw-down certifications to banks on construction loans stating the following:

  • Total project cost and anticipated total project cost
  • Total value of work completed to-date and to be completed
  • Total disbursement from draw-downs made to-date
  • Sufficiency of balance of loan facility to fund balance of work to be completed
  • Amount of draw-down recommended for disbursement.

Insurance Valuations

Fire / Reinstatement insurance provides the building owner with sufficient money to carry out reconstruction of the building to a condition equal to new in accordance with current legislation in the event of damage or destruction from the specified risks or perils.

We provide assessments on such reinstatement costs for owners to purchase the appropriate insurance amount to cover their risks.

We also provide principal support for loss adjusters and insurance companies preparing reconstruction cost appraisals for buildings and structures damaged by any manner of catastrophes and natural disasters.

Dispute Support Services

Ever-growing pressure in the construction industry has steadily increased the need to maintain good relationship among the parties to the contract. We have the necessary legal knowledge and experience to help solve disputes and keep the project on course. Our service includes:-

  • Statutory adjudication under CIPAA
  • Dispute avoidance
  • Contract advisory services
  • Managing the dispute resolution process
  • Advising on contractual validity and evaluation of contractual claims
  • Expert witness