Our People

Unitech is currently led by a young, energetic and forward thinking management who is always sensitive about achieving the clients’ requirements and expectations.

Our Directors’ hands-on working approach, combined strengths and extensive experience, assures our clients of distinguished results.

We have a distinct set of attributes that attracts top candidates every year. With our systematic on-the-job training program, we groom the young talent in the shortest possible time to become a pool of professional workforce and talent that serve our clients in the required field of expertise.

Our talent and workforce programs develop and strengthen skills, communicate our expectations for ethical conduct and promote an environment of learning and leadership.

At Unitech, human resource is our most valuable asset.

Our Quality Assurance

Unitech is ISO 9001:2015 accredited for the provision of Quantity Surveying Services. It is our policy to provide quality quantity surveying and cost management services to the satisfaction of our customers.

We are among the first QS firms in Penang to obtained ISO 9001:2000 accreditation back in 2008. Subsequently we have upgraded to ISO 9001:2008 in 2011 (Pg Office) and 2016 (KL Office).

We are committed to constantly maintaining the quality of our professional services, at the same time improving our servicing processes to enhance customer satisfaction.

Our Database

Based on the many projects undertaken by Unitech over the last 20 years, we have built-up a substantial and up-to-date database of building cost and construction information.

We make use of the cost information obtained from the huge construction cost database to provide our clients with the most accurate cost advice possible, leading to easy and precise decision making by the clients.

This massive construction cost database has become one of our major assets, besides human resource.

We are committed to provide accurate cost advice to our clients.

Our Technology

Application of technological tool is yet another driving force behind Unitech’s success. The management has a firm believe that advancement with the investment and application of cutting-edge technological tool is the key to maintain a competitive edge in our business.

From the early years of BEST (2007) until So-Easy (2012) and now So-Easy II (2016) plus a couple to supporting software, it was with determination and commitment from both the management and the employees that we have successfully increased the level of efficiency, precision and convenience.

In line with the same objectives, we are now capable of BIM integrated solutions, where the software can be applied to both local and global measurement rules, creating 3D models using massive engineering data, and cutting-edge technologies dealing with variations.

We operate a vibrant ICT environment with a comprehensive infrastructure to give critical connectivity and technological support.

Each and every member of the firm is equipped with a fully networked workstation (be it a PC or a notebook) running on licensed Microsoft Office Windows Server Operating System.

We are committed to technological innovation and expansion as a strategic step towards improving our strength and competitiveness.

Our Clientele

A clientele base is a company’s primary source of business. Over the years, we have focused on developing, maintaining and expanding our clientele base by way of networking, word-of-mouth marketing and referrals, showing appreciation for clients and consistently meeting or exceeding their expectations.

Today, our clientele has expanded to include some of the major players of the Malaysian construction industry. In 2017, our clients include 9 out of 10 Top 10 Ranked Developers of the Year by the Awards 2017.

Besides, 7 of our prominent clients are also featured in the Top 10 Property Developers in the Edge Malaysia Property Excellence Award 2016.

Our Professional Training

People are at the heart of what we do, our success depends on getting the best of everyone and to achieve this we invest in their development. Training and development has always been an integral part of the culture and strategy of Unitech. In addition to legislative and technological changes demanding continuous development all practice members are encouraged and given the opportunity to develop their skills and knowledge.

They are embraced into a culture of mutual support. As part of our management system, we ensure that all qualified quantity surveyors in the practice plan their continuing professional development program and complete at least the minimum time required by the Board of Quantity Surveyors, Malaysia (BQSM).

We are consistently upgrading our resources and improving work environment, to ensure our people have the tools they need to win in the workplace and in the marketplace. In short, we are building sustainable Momentum for Success.

Our internal training programme has also gained BQSM’s approval as part of the mandatory Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for Quantity Surveyors seeking renewal of their registration each year.

In-house Training 2017 - UKL
In-house Training 2018 - UKL