The Prestige Hotel – Luxury Urban Heritage Hotel

Public Tender Pre-Qualification – SJK(C) Tar Thong
September 1, 2019
REHDA Youth Green Child Care Centre
October 3, 2019

5 September 2019

The Prestige Hotel is a modern luxury hotel at UNESCO World Heritage site, Penang.  This magical quasi-colonial interior hotel was constructed on the site of a century old godown used during the maritime trading era in the late 1900s.  Construction was completed in January  2019, and the five-floor prestige hotel  was opened in late May 2019.  

Set amongst the beautiful and intricate 19th century English colonial buildings found in this UNESCO World Heritage site, the 162-room locally rooted boutique brings to mind a tropical Victorian Eden through the hotel’s lush garden-conservatory feel.  Other amenities include an all day dining outlet, an arcade with a mix of retail outlets, event spaces and a rooftop infinity pool.

Interior Designed by Ministry of Design Pte Ltd, the hotel features sophisticated elements of visual trickery from an enchanting reception desk that seem to magically balance on chrome orbs; interior fittings transposed with magician’s props like Houdini’s escape box; the magical lattice of shadows animating the journey through corridors, levitating beds, and hidden doors leading to adjacent spaces.  The Prestige is part of the prestigious Design HotelsTM portfolio.

Unitech is proud to be associated with this prestige development as a member of the consultant teams. Congratulations on the successful opening of the Prestige Hotel.